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1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. Infertility does not discriminate – it cuts across all socioeconomic levels, and all racial, ethnic and religious lines. The ability and desire to build a family is fundamental and the inability to have a child affects people physically, emotionally, and financially.  

In Wisconsin, doctors, patients, and advocacy organizations are already connecting to discuss ways to introduce and pass model legislation that would make modern, very effective fertility treatments affordable and accessible through required insurance coverage.

Over 172,000 Wisconsinites experience infertility

Many can't afford the out of pocket costs to cover fertility treatments

Together, we can change that!

Team work

Who We Are

The Building Families Alliance Wisconsin is proposing fertility-friendly legislation in Wisconsin defining statewide industry standards for fertility care, and providing networking opportunities for patient advocates and fertility professionals in their quest to build a family.  

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WI Building Families Act

The Wisconsin Building Families Act recognizes infertility as a disease and will expand access and remove economic barriers to fertility treatment by requiring health plans to cover infertility treatment and fertility preservation services.

Classmates in the Library

Better Together

Advocacy work is all about the stories. Every story matters. Tell us yours today so that we can share, inform and inspire others and support you too.

Mother and Baby Exercising

Building Families, Changing Lives

Infertility is a disease. And many of us cannot afford the costs of pursuing and building our families.  In addition, cancer treatments can render its victims infertile while fighting the cancer.  We want to make sure we offer fertility care to those who need it. 

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Our Steering Committee

  • Bala Bhagavath, MD

  • Melody Bockenfeld

  • Betsy Campbell, RESOLVE

  • Sara Finger, Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health

  • Ellen Hayes, MD, VIOS

  • Adrian Jones

  • Audrey Marsh

  • Maria Novotny, PhD, ART of Infertility

  • Becca Connor, ASRM

  • Elizabeth Pritts, MD, Wisconsin Fertility Institute

  • Joyce Reinecke, Alliance for Fertility Preservation

  • Catherine, Ryan, MD

  • Ruth Ellen Saul, RESOLVE

  • Kate Schoyer, MD

  • Estil Strawn, MD

  • Tracie Sullivan, RESOLVE

  • Amanda Wildenberg

  • Julianne Zweifel PhD, Generations Clinic

Our Mission
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