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Join Our Photo Petition

A photo petition is like a normal petition, but instead of signatures we are “signing” with photos of ourselves. With this petition, we asking State Legislators to keep infertility treatment and fertility preservation in the State Budget.

How to sign the Support Infertility Treatment Coverage photo petition:

On a piece of paper, write “Infertility coverage matters to me because …” and then finish the sentence with a description of why you feel it's infertility treatment and preservation coverage is important. You can also print a copy of this template.

Take a selfie of you holding up your sign and send us your photo! Email

Ask your friends and family to join in. The more of us who join, the more power we will have to advocate for infertility treatment and preservation coverage in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Legislators Who Support the Building Families Act - Senate Bill 693


Don't know who your State Senator and State Representative are? No problem. Just link here to find out who represents you in the State Capitol.

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